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Card Equipment Distributor
Card Gadgets South Africa is a well renowned card equipment distributor for numerous medium and large sized manufacturers. We are also proud to state that Card Gadgets has had the opportunity of serving the government, educational and healthcare sector and till date is a reliable provider for such consumers.

Card gadgets is a division of MigrantCard, a Card Solutions company, We at Card Gadgets pride ourselves over having the best pricing made available to all consumers in search of reliable and cost effective Card device. Everybody likes to save money where they can! Low costs for quality products are what everyone looks for in a good deal.

A cost effective solution is always the transitioning factor for a simple inquiry from a customer to a successfully completed order. Great pricing and efficient sourcing is the reason why Card Gadgets is the preferred supplier for many businesses.

Our well informed and expert founders have combined their knowledge & expertise from years of business experience to implement a set of processes which renders the highest level of productivity and professionalism. We have over 14 years' experience in the card equipment industry; we use this as a leverage to match your needs with the right product.
Card Equipment Distributor
Card Equipment Distributor
- Initial contact - From the point of contact a professional/technically capable sales representative will begin working on your inquiry by determining the appropriate Card device for your needs. Through the following steps you will be updated as frequently as possible in an effort to keep you in the loop.

- Availability & Stock - Your point of contact will then determine the availability and stock of the required product after which a lead time will be evaluated. We carry stock of all our products; however some products may be on request only. At this point the representative will convey to you a confirmed delivery date for the ordered Card Device.

- Payment & Shipping - After the order has been placed and payment terms have been satisfied, the confirmed ordered will be sent over to our shipping department. A final assessment is conducted in relevance to the condition of the ordered Card gadget, in an effort to maximize quality control.

- Follow up - The representative in charge of your account will contact you after confirmed delivery to make sure that the product is performing at its best and to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.
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